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Clearing 'Add Paper' Errors on Sharp MX Copiers: A Troubleshooting Guide

When experiencing an "add paper" error on a Sharp MX copier, the "Job Status" screen can provide insights into the source of the problem. Here's how you can use the "Job Status" screen to manage and fix issues:

1. Access the Job Status Screen:

- Locate the "Job Status" button or icon on the copier's control panel or touchscreen.

- Tap or select it to view the list of current or pending print jobs.

2. Identify Errors or Warnings:

- In the "Job Status" screen, look for any jobs with error messages, such as "Add Paper" or "Paper Mismatch."

- These messages may indicate where the problem lies, helping you determine if it's related to paper trays, paper size, or another issue.

3. Cancel or Reroute Stuck Jobs:

- If a job is stalled due to an error, you can cancel it from the "Job Status" screen. This is helpful if the error message persists even after addressing the cause.

- Select the job and choose "Cancel" or "Delete." Once canceled, you can resubmit the job after correcting the error.

4. Resubmit and Reprint Jobs:

- After canceling a job due to an error, resolve the issue (e.g., reload the paper tray or clear a jam), then resubmit the job.

- You may need to return to your computer to resend the print job with the correct settings.

5. Monitor Printing Activity:

- The "Job Status" screen shows active and pending print jobs, which can help identify bottlenecks or slowdowns.

- If you notice frequent errors, it might indicate a deeper issue, such as a misaligned tray or sensor problem.

Using the "Job Status" screen can be a valuable tool to understand and troubleshoot issues related to the "add paper" error. If the error persists after trying these steps, consider seeking technical support to resolve hardware or firmware problems.


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