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Sharp MX   - Enable Skip for Blank Pages

Enabling the "Skip Blank Pages" feature on a Sharp MX-3070 copier can be useful for saving paper when scanning or copying multi-page documents that may contain blank pages. The exact steps may vary depending on the firmware and settings, but here's a general guide:

1. **Access the Control Panel**: Navigate to the copier's control panel touchscreen.

2. **Select Function**: Choose the function you want to use, such as "Copy" or "Scan."

3. **Open Settings**: Look for a "Settings" or "Options" button on the touchscreen and tap it.

4. **Navigate to Page Settings**: Scroll through the available options until you find a category related to page settings, layout, or similar.

5. **Find 'Skip Blank Pages'**: Within the page settings, look for an option that says "Skip Blank Pages" or something similar.

6. **Enable the Feature**: Tap on the "Skip Blank Pages" option to enable it. There may be a checkbox or toggle switch to turn it on.

7. **Confirm and Save**: Once you've enabled the feature, make sure to save your settings. There may be a "Save" or "Apply" button to confirm the changes.

8. **Start the Job**: After saving, you can proceed to start your copy or scan job as usual. The copier should now automatically skip any blank pages.

9. **Test**: It's a good idea to run a small test to make sure the feature is working as expected.

Always refer to your specific model's user manual for the most accurate and detailed instructions.


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