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10 Reason to Rent a Copier

  1. There is no risk.  If at any time you are unsatisfied with our performance or copier you can cancel your service without penalty.  Our month-to-month agreement means you can also upgrade or change your program as your needs change.  There is no 3 to 5 year contract you can’t get out of or early termination fees.

  2. Everything is included:  the copier, all service, supplies, and parts.

  3. Copiers can be configured with Automatic Feeder, Duplex, Sorter, and Staple Sorter.  We have all sizes of copiers in stock, ready for fast delivery.

  4. Our flexible rental program allows you to change your monthly copy volume, as your business needs change.  There is not a penalty, and you can change as often as you need.  You won’t get stuck in the wrong contract when your “guestimate” is too high or too low.

  5. One payment a month.  Simplify your accounting and eliminate surprises.  Our program includes all service, parts, supplies, and there are no finance charges.  Some copier companies will sell you a machine at a “bargain price” with the intention of making their unchallenged profit on the “ backend business”.

  6. It’s our problem.  All service is included, so we fix any problem.  If it needs an expensive part we pay for it.  If it can’t be fixed we will replace your machine.  (Try asking a leasing company if you want your copier replaced!)  I have seen many companies with a leased copier forced to pay 100’s of dollars to fix a copier that is no longer worth fixing.

  7. 100% Tax deductible (operating expenses vs. capital expenditure).  There is no need to depreciate the copier. Simply write off all costs as a business expense.

  8. Need a copier for a special event or on a short-term basis? We will rent a copier for one month or even one hour. 

  9. We rent other office equipment.  Besides a complete range of photocopiers, we rent Sharp laser fax machines, H.P. Laser Printers, computers, monitors, and we even have a typewriter.

  10. References: We rent to four and five star hotels, television and film companies, the Academy Awards (for the last nine years), and small and large businesses.

Trumpler Marketing Group has a huge inventory of MFP
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