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Sharp Printer Setup Windows

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

How to Setup Printing to Sharp Copier on Windows 10

Step 1. Download the driver from Sharp or use the one from the link that was provided.

From Chrome, or your browser Search "Sharp Driver” Choose (Sharp for business | Product Downloads) or click the link

1. Under Product Category (select) MFPs 2. Under Product (select) Your equipment model

3. Under File Type (select) Drivers and Utilities 4. Click SEARCH

5. Download Windows 64-bit OS Driver Package. (Unless you have a 32-bit computer)

Step 2. Find Unzip and Run Printer File

1. Locate downloaded file and double click to open.

2. Select PCL6 Print Driver. Double click on folder to unzip it.

3. The file will be unzipped, and you will need to allow to be added to your computer. Click yes /next when prompted.

4. Select Standard Installation and the app will look for the MFP on your network. If it does not find your equipment go to step number 3 to retrieve the IP address of your equipment

5 Under Specify Condition type the IP address and click search.

5. Once you see your MFP you can click Next, Confirm Next and Confirm Next (PCL6 install), Confirm Default Printer and Next to install driver. (You may need to Restart your computer)

Step 3. You may need the IP address for the copier.

If your machine model is of the following MX-4141, MX-5141, MX-M365, MX-M465, MX-M565

1. Press the Home button

2. Press: the Settings icon on the touch panel

3. Press: System Settings

4. Press: List Print.

5. Press: All Custom Settings List

6. The IP address is on the first page, Software Status-Network Information-IPv4 Address.

Step 4. Setup printer Options

1. Once Installation is complete: open Control Panel then open “View Devices and Printers”.

2. Right Click on your MFP and select (Set as default Printer) Also open (Printer properties) Click (Configuration) and Click (Auto Configuration) The features of your machine will be highlighted with a hand arrow. Click each feature. Click Ok and Apply and Ok to Finish.

3. Try printing a test page.

Windows 10 MFP Print Setup
Download PDF • 118KB


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