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How To Configure Sharp Print Driver with Installed Options

Configure Sharp Print Driver – Windows OS
Open your control panel
Right click on the Sharp printer
Click Printer Properties…not propertiesConfigure Sharp Print Driver
Go to the Configuration tab (see * below if this is greyed out)
Click Auto ConfigureSharp Auto Configuration
Tick the dots where the fingers are pointing, duh
Click apply.
Enjoy using the full functionality of your machine
*If the configuration tab is greyed out this means the printer is installed on another computer or a server. The configuration will need to be done from that computer/server. You should be able to see in the printers menu what the name of the computer is as the name will be something like “Sharp MX-4140N on Server1.” You’d need to get in front of Server1 and knock this out there.
Configure Sharp Print Drivers – Mac OSX
Open your System Preferences
Open the Print and Scan menu, highlight the Sharp and click Options & SuppliesConfigure Sharp Print Driver - Mac OSX
Move to the Driver tab, tell the driver which options your machine has by using the drop down menus. Click OK

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