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Enable Blank Page Skip on Sharp Copier

To enable the Blank Page Skip function on your Sharp MX copier, follow these steps:

1. Place the Original:

- Place your document in the automatic document feeder tray or on the document glass.

2. Go to the Mode Display:

- Tap the mode display to access the initial screen of each mode.

3. Set the Destination:

- Choose where to send or copy the document. This could be a destination from an address book, a manually entered address, or a network folder.

4. Enable Blank Page Skip:

- Tap the "Others" key and select the "Blank Page Skip" option.

- You may have different options like "Skip Blank Page" or "Skip Blank and Back Shadow." Choose the desired option.

5. Start the Process:

- After selecting the Blank Page Skip option, tap the "Color Start" or "B/W Start" key to start copying or scanning.

- Check the confirmation message, then tap "Execute" to start the process.

These steps should activate the Blank Page Skip function on your Sharp MX copier. This function skips scanning or copying blank pages, reducing wasted paper and ink .


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