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How to Enable Fax Confirmation Page on Sharp Copier

Updated: Apr 28

Enabling the fax confirmation page on a Sharp copier is a useful step to ensure successful fax transmissions and document errors if they occur. Here's how to enable this feature, providing a printed confirmation after each fax transmission:

  1. Access the Fax Settings:

  • Go to the fax function on the Sharp copier’s control panel. This is usually accessed through a 'Fax' button or by selecting 'Fax Mode' from the home screen or menu.

  1. Navigate to the Fax Settings Menu:

  • Once in Fax Mode, find the 'Settings', 'Function Settings', or 'Fax Settings'. This may require pressing a 'Menu' or 'Settings' button within the Fax Mode.

  1. Find the Transmission Settings:

  • Look for 'Transmission Settings', 'Tx Settings', or 'Send Settings'. This section contains options related to how faxes are sent.

  1. Select the Confirmation Page Setting:

  • Find 'Transmission Verification Report', 'Tx Report', or 'Confirmation Page'. Select this option to adjust its settings.

  1. Enable the Confirmation Page:

  • Set the confirmation page to print after each fax is sent. You might have options like 'On', 'Off', or 'On Error'. Choosing 'On' will print a confirmation for every fax, while 'On Error' prints only if the fax encounters a transmission error.

  1. Save the Settings:

  • Press 'OK', 'Apply', or 'Save' to confirm your changes. This might require pressing a soft key or a physical button labeled accordingly.

  1. Test the Functionality:

  • Send a test fax to confirm that the copier is printing the fax confirmation page. This ensures the settings are correctly applied.

Additional Tips

  • Report Options: Some models allow further customization, like including the first page of the faxed document or detailed transmission logs. Explore these options to tailor the report to your needs.

  • Consult the User Manual: If the menus differ from those outlined, consult your Sharp copier's user manual for specific instructions on navigating its menu system.

  • Check Consumables: Keep in mind that enabling this feature will increase the use of toner and paper. Monitor these to ensure continuous operation.

Following these steps should help you enable the fax confirmation page on your Sharp copier, providing you with an additional layer of verification for your fax transmissions.

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