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Finding the IP Address For the Sharp MX 3070 MX 6071

  1. Access the Menu: Press the "Home" button or "Menu" button on the touch screen to access the main menu.

  2. Navigate to Settings: Look for an option that says "Settings" Navigate to this option within the menu.

  3. Navigate to Status: Within the Settings menu (upper left), find an option that corresponds to "Status" Select this option.

  4. Select Network Status: Inside the Status menu, you should find an option for "Network Status" Choose this option.

  5. View IP Address: Scroll down in the Network Status section, you'll see an entry labeled " TCP/IP The copier's IP address will be displayed on the screen.

  6. Note the IP Address: Make sure to take note of the IP address shown on the screen. This is the IP address of your Sharp MX-3070 - MX6071 copier on the network.


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