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How to Calibrate Sharp MX - Copier Copy Quality: A Step-by-Step Guide

Calibrating copy quality involves a set of procedures to ensure that the copier's output meets the desired standards in terms of color balance, density, and overall quality. Here's a summary of the key steps for calibrating copy quality:

Automatic Calibration

  1. Preparation: Ensure that the copier's interior and components are clean and free from dust. Make sure all parts are in good condition.

  2. Use the Auto Color Balance Adjustment:

  • Enter the SIM 46-24 mode to initiate the automatic color balance adjustment. Select the appropriate paper size (A4 or 11" x 8.5"). Press the "EXECUTE" key to print the adjustment pattern.

  • Place the adjustment pattern on the document table and press "EXECUTE" again to perform the automatic calibration.

  • Check the printed pattern for any streaks, blurs, or unclear images. If everything is fine, the initial setting of the halftone image correction will be performed .

  1. Color Balance and Density Check:

  • Use a test chart to make a copy in the Text/Printed Photo mode to check the copy color balance and density. If the result is satisfactory, the calibration is complete .

  • If not, proceed with manual calibration.

Manual Calibration

  1. Manual Color Balance Adjustment:

  • Enter the SIM 46-21 mode for manual color balance adjustment.

  • Select the color you want to adjust (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and input the desired adjustment values with the 10-key. Press "EXECUTE" to print a test pattern.

  • Adjust the pattern until the desired color balance and density are achieved .

  1. Halftone Image Correction:

  • If needed, use SIM 44-26 to execute the halftone image correction.

  • After completion, use a test chart in the Text/Photo mode to check the color balance and density .


  • If the automatic and manual calibrations don't yield satisfactory results, there might be an underlying issue. Consider examining the copier's engine and components for potential problems .

Following these steps should help you calibrate the copy quality effectively. If the calibration fails, it might be best to consult with a service technician for further diagnosis.


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