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Error Codes for the Sharp MX-Copiers

Here is a list of error codes for the Sharp MX-copier, along with brief descriptions and potential causes​​:

A0 Series (PCU/SCN-MFP PWB Errors)

  • A0-01, A0-02, A0-04: PCU/SCN-MFP PWB ROM errors.

  • A0-10, A0-15, A0-17, A0-18, A0-20, A0-21, A0-22: Inconsistencies between firmware, EEPROM data, or PCU/SCN-MFP.

U1 Series (Battery/Memory Errors)

  • U1-01: Battery trouble.

  • U2-00, U2-11, U2-30, U2-41: MFP/SCN-MFP PWB EEPROM errors.

  • U2-05: Account data error.

E7 Series (Various Component Errors)

  • E7-01, E7-03, E7-04: HDD-related issues.

  • E7-10 to E7-29: LSU laser detection errors.

  • E7-40 to E7-48: Image data, ASIC, and watermarks.

  • E7-60 to E7-80: Communication issues between SCN-MFP PWB and other components.

C1 Series (Main Charger Issues)

  • C1-10, C1-14, C1-15, C1-16, C1-40, C1-41: Main charger trouble for monochrome and color.

F1 Series (Finisher Errors)

  • F1-00 to F1-03: Finisher motor and inlet transport errors.

F2 Series (Toner/Drum Sensor Errors)

  • F2-22 to F2-67: Discharge lamp and toner density sensor issues.

  • F2-70 to F2-78: Toner cartridge and registration image density sensor errors.

H Series (Thermistor Issues)

  • H2-00 to H2-03: Thermistor open troubles.

  • H3-00 to H3-02: Fusing section high-temperature troubles.

  • H4-00 to H4-02: Fusing section low-temperature troubles.

  • H7-10, H7-11: Fusing temperature recovery errors.

L Series (Motor/Fan Issues)

  • L1-00, L3-00, L4-02 to L4-43: Motor and fan troubles.

  • L6-10, L8-01 to L8-02: Polygon motor and full wave signal errors.

F3 Series (Paper Feed Tray Troubles)

  • F3-12, F3-22: Paper feed tray lift troubles.

F6 Series (FAX Issues)

  • F6-00 to F6-98: FAX control board and power supply troubles.

U7 Series (Vendor Machine Errors)

  • U7-50, U7-51: Vendor machine errors.

These are the major error codes for the Sharp MX-4070N. For a complete list and detailed troubleshooting information, consult the copier's service manual​​.


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