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Set up account codes on sharp printers

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

How to set up account codes on sharp printers

1. Before you begin, your need to have the IP address of your printer available

2. Open your web browser

3. Type the IP address of the printer on the address bar

4. Click on the upper right to log in as admin

5. Select user control from the left menu

6. Click on default setting

7. Enable User Authentication

8. Select Authenticate User by User Number Only

9. Click submit

10. Click on user list

11. Enter following information to set up the account numbers

· Username

· User number/Account Number (account numbers must be 5 digits or more)

· Select Authority Group (guests are allowed b/w copies and prints and admin have full access)

· *Note: Users must remember their account numbers, they will not be able to retrieve them.

12. The account numbers must be set up on the printer driver in order to be able to print

13. Go to control panel

14. Select your printer

15. Right click on your printer

16. Select printing preferences

17. Click on job handling

18. Check the box next user number

19. Enter user number

20. Click apply

Congratulations you just finished setting up your account control


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