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Sharp Copier Won't Print

Check the IP on the machine

IP Conflict

Not on same network

Computer not on same network

Swith to the network the copier is on

Check the etherntet cord light by copier

Can your co worker print

Printing to wrong printer

Printer is off

Error message on copier need to address

Problem with Windows ! The machine is not detected Is your computer connected to the same network as this machine? The computer and this machine must be connected on the same LAN to be detected. When they are connected to a different subnetwork, click the [Specify Condition] button and input the name of this machine (host name) or IP address and search again. Is your computer connected correctly to the machine? Make sure that the cable is connected securely to the LAN connectors on your computer and the machine. Check the connections at the hub as well. Is the machine power on? If the machine is powered off, it will not be detected. Switch on the main power switch and search again after powering on the machine. ! The options and peripherals of this machine could not be automatically setup If automatic setup of the options and peripherals is not possible, setup manually. To setup the options  Enable options and peripherals (page 14) Check the status of the attached peripherals following the steps below and setup the options. 1) Print the "Machine Status List" in this machine's settings, and check the settings for peripheral devices and trays. To print the "Machine Status List", tap the [Settings] key, and then tap the [Status] tab → [List for User] → [Machine Status List]. 2) For [Set Tray Status], [Paper Type Name] and [Set Tandem Print], click the respective button and check the setting details. Set Tray Status: In the machine's system settings, the settings in [Common Settings] → [Paper Settings] → [Paper Tray Settings] are applied. Specify the paper size and type which has been set for each tray. Paper Type Name: In the machine's system settings, the settings in [Common Settings] → [Paper Settings] → [Paper Type Registration] are applied. If the name of a user type has been changed, enter the new name. Set Tandem Print: In the machine's system settings (for Administrator), enter the setting (client IP address) for [Common Settings] → [Device Control] → [Tandem Connection Setting]. [Tandem Connection Setting] can be set by selecting [Specify the MFP IP address] or [Search for MFP] in the [Custom installation] screen (only when installed).


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