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Sharp Email From Copier

Updated: Apr 27

To send documents from a Sharp copier to an email address, you typically scan the document and select the email destination. Here's how you would send an email from a Sharp copier:

  1. Place the Document:

  • Open the copier's automatic document feeder (ADF) or the scanner glass. Place your document face-down for scanning.

  1. Access the Scan Function:

  • On the copier's control panel, press the button or menu option that opens the scan functions.

  1. Choose Email as Destination:

  • Select the option to send the scanned document via email. This is usually labeled "Scan to Email" or similar.

  1. Select the Email Address:

  • If you've preloaded email addresses, you can select from a list of contacts. Otherwise, you may need to manually enter the email address.

  1. Adjust Scan Settings:

  • Configure scan settings such as resolution, color or black-and-white, document type (PDF, TIFF, JPEG), and other preferences.

  1. Add a Subject and Message (Optional):

  • Some Sharp copiers allow you to add a subject line and body text to the email. This is optional but can be helpful for context.

  1. Send the Scan:

  • Once you've selected the destination and configured your scan settings, press the "Start" or "Scan" button to initiate the scan and send the email.

  1. Confirmation and Log:

  • After the email is sent, the copier may provide a confirmation message or a job log that details the success or failure of the email.

These steps should help you send emails from a Sharp copier. If you encounter issues, like emails not being received, check for connectivity problems, or SMTP server issues, or consult the copier's user manual for troubleshooting tips.


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