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Add and Remove Scanning Email Addresses from Sharp Copier Touch Screen Panel

To add or remove scanning email addresses from a Sharp copier's touch screen panel, you can follow these steps:

Add Scanning Email Addresses

1. Access the Address Book: On the copier's touch screen, go to the settings menu and find "Address Book"

2. Add a New Contact: Tap the "Add" button to add a new email address.

3. Enter Contact Information:

- Name: Enter the contact's name.

- Email Address: Enter the email address.

- Category: Optionally, select a category for easier searching.

4. Set Address Visibility: Choose whether the address is public or limited to specific users.

5. Register the Address: After entering the information, tap the "Register" or "Add" button to store the contact.

Remove Scanning Email Addresses

1. Access the Address Book: From the settings menu, go to "Address Book."

2. Select the Contact to Delete: Find the contact you want to remove and tap on it.

3. Delete the Address: Tap the "Delete" button or the trash can icon to remove the selected email address

These steps apply to common Sharp copier models. If your copier has a different interface, consult your manual for specific instructions.


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