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A Guide to Scan-to-Email Setup on Sharp Copiers with Office365 SMTP

Updated: Apr 29

To set up scanning to email on a Sharp BP series multifunction copier using Office365 SMTP settings, you need to configure the copier's email settings with the appropriate Office365 server details. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Access Copier's System Settings:

- On the copier's control panel or touchscreen, go to "Settings" or "System Settings."

- Navigate to "Network Settings" or "Email Settings."

2. Locate SMTP Configuration:

- Find the section labeled "SMTP Configuration" or "Email Server Settings."

- This is where you'll enter the Office365 SMTP server information.

3. Enter Office365 SMTP Server Details:

- SMTP Server Address: Enter ``.

- SMTP Port: Use port 587 (default port for Office365 with TLS).

- SMTP Encryption: Set to TLS or STARTTLS.

4. Enter Authentication Details:

- Username: Enter the Office365 email address that will be used to send emails from the copier.

- Password: Enter the corresponding password for the Office365 account.

- Ensure "Authentication Required" is enabled.

5. Set Default Email Address and Sender Name:

- Enter the default "From" email address (usually the same as the Office365 account email).

- Set the sender name to something recognizable, like "Sharp Copier."

6. Test the Connection:

- After entering the SMTP settings, look for a "Test Connection" or "Send Test Email" option.

- Test the connection to ensure the copier can communicate with the Office365 SMTP server.

7. Configure Scan to Email Settings:

- Once SMTP settings are configured, set up scan-to-email settings.

- Choose the desired email address for scanning, or set up an address book for frequent recipients.

- Adjust additional settings like subject, body text, and file format for scanned documents.

8. Save and Restart the Copier:

- After completing the setup, save your settings and restart the copier to ensure the new configuration is applied.

9. Troubleshooting Tips:

- If the test email fails, double-check the SMTP server address, port, encryption type, username, and password.

- Make sure the Office365 account used for SMTP has the necessary permissions and isn't blocked by Office365 security policies.

Following these steps should help you set up scanning to email on your Sharp BP series copier with Office365 SMTP settings. If you encounter persistent issues, consult the copier's user manual or contact technical support for further guidance.


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