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Scan to Sharp Copier Hard Drive and Retrieve from Windows and Mac Computers

To scan to a Sharp copier's hard drive and retrieve the scanned document from Windows and Mac computers, follow these steps:

  1. Scanning to the Hard Drive: The scanned document is now stored on the copier's hard drive​​.

  • Access the Home Screen: Tap the "Easy Scan" key.

  • Select Scan to HDD/USB: Choose this option to scan documents to the copier's hard drive.

  • Place the Original: Insert the document into the automatic document feeder (ADF) or place it on the document glass.

  • Choose Scan to HDD: Tap "Scan to HDD".

  • Adjust Settings: Configure any desired settings, such as scan resolution, color mode, and file format.

  • Start Scanning: Tap "Color Start" or "B/W Start" to initiate the scan. A beep indicates that scanning has ended.

  1. Retrieving from Windows or Mac:

  • Access the Web Interface: Open a web browser on your computer and enter the IP address of the Sharp copier.

  • Log In: If user authentication is required, enter your credentials.

  • Navigate to Document Filing: Click "Document Operations" and select "Document Filing."

  • Locate the File: Browse the folders to find your stored document.

  • Download the File: Click the desired file, then choose "Download." The file will be saved to your computer​​.

  • Open the File: Use a PDF viewer or image viewer to open the scanned document on your computer.


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