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Sharp MX Copier - Retrieve Meter Reading

Updated: Apr 29

Retrieving the meter reading on a Sharp MX-3070 copier is essential for tracking usage, billing, or for maintenance purposes. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to retrieve the meter reading:

Preparing the Copier

1. Turn On the Copier: Make sure the Sharp MX-3070 is turned on and is in a ready state.

Accessing the System Menu

2. Go to the Home Screen: If not already there, press the 'Home' button on the control panel.

3. Select 'System Settings: Tap on the 'System Settings' icon on the touchscreen.

Navigating to Meter Reading

4. Choose 'General': In the System Settings menu, look for an option that says 'General' or similar and tap on it.

5. Select 'Total Count or 'Meter Reading: Scroll through the options until you find 'Total Count' or 'Meter Reading' and tap on it.

Viewing Meter Reading

6. View Counts: You should see a screen displaying various counts, including:

- Total Count: Total number of pages printed, copied, or scanned.

- Color Count: Total number of color pages.

- Black & White Count: Total number of black and white pages.

- Scan Count: Total number of scanned pages (if available).

- Fax Count: Total number of faxed pages (if available).

7. Note Down the Counts: Write down or take a photo of the counts for your records.

Additional Information (Optional)

8. Detailed Counts: Some models may offer more detailed counts, such as counts for duplex (double-sided) printing or specific tray usage. Navigate through the tabs or options to find these if needed.


9. Exit to Home Screen: Tap 'Exit' or 'Home' to return to the main screen.

10. Ready to Use: Your Sharp MX-3070 should now be ready for regular use, and you have successfully retrieved the meter reading.

Please note that the exact steps may vary depending on the firmware version of your Sharp MX-3070. Always refer to the user manual for the most accurate and detailed instructions.


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