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Clearing Common Copier Error Codes: A comprehensive guide to common Sharp copier error codes and their solutions.

Here is a list of common Sharp copier error codes along with their explanations and solutions:

  1. E7-11: This indicates a document feeder problem. It can often be fixed by checking for paper jams and restarting the copier.

  2. E1-02: This error often occurs due to a scanner lamp issue. Restarting the copier may resolve this, but if the problem persists, seek technical support.

  3. E7-10: This suggests a communication problem with the scanner. A common solution is to check the scanner connections and restart the copier.

  4. E7-00: This is a communication error, typically resolved by checking scanner connections and restarting the copier.

  5. H2-00: This error indicates a temperature issue with the fuser. Restarting the copier can clear it, but it might need professional maintenance if it persists.

  6. H4-00: This signifies a low-temperature problem with the fuser. Restarting can sometimes fix this, but ongoing issues suggest a deeper problem.

  7. H5-01: This code usually denotes a problem with the paper feeding mechanism. It can often be solved by clearing paper jams and restarting the copier.

  8. U2-40: This error code points to a toner sensor issue. Replace the toner cartridge if needed.

  9. L4-01: Indicates a malfunction in the paper feeding motor, potentially requiring a restart or technical support.

  10. CE-00: A network communication issue that can be resolved by checking network connections and restarting the copier​​.


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