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Configuring Sharp Copiers for Secure Scanning: Best practices for ensuring security when scanning sensitive documents.

To ensure secure scanning of sensitive documents on Sharp copiers, including the Sharp MX-Copiers, consider these best practices:

1. Use Secure Network Connections

  • Encryption:

  • Use encrypted connections (SSL/TLS) for all network communication, including email and file transfers.

  • VPNs:

  • If scanning remotely or to off-site locations, consider a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for additional security.

2. Enable User Authentication

  • Secure Login:

  • Implement user authentication to restrict access to authorized personnel. Options include login with user numbers, login names/passwords, and even NFC card readers.

  • Access Controls:

  • Configure permissions for users or groups to control who can scan documents and to where.

3. Implement Data Protection Policies

  • Scan-to-Email Security:

  • Configure email scanning to prevent sending sensitive documents to unauthorized addresses. Limit who can scan to email and specify approved email domains.

  • Audit Logs:

  • Enable audit logs to monitor who scanned documents and when. This provides a record for security audits.

4. Use Secure Scanning Methods

  • Encrypted PDF:

  • When scanning to PDF, use encryption to protect the content. Set a password to open the PDF.

  • Password-Protected Scans:

  • For other formats, implement password protection to restrict access to the scanned content.

5. Ensure Physical Security

  • Secure Copier Location:

  • Place the copier in a secure area with controlled access to prevent unauthorized use.

  • Secure Disposal:

  • When replacing the copier or hard drive, ensure that sensitive data is securely erased or destroyed to prevent data leakage.

6. Regularly Update Firmware and Software

  • Firmware Updates:

  • Keep the copier's firmware up-to-date to protect against vulnerabilities.

  • Software Security:

  • Ensure scanning applications and third-party software are updated to avoid security risks.

7. Configure Document Retention Policies

  • Document Filing:

  • If using document filing on the copier, configure access controls and retention policies to limit how long sensitive documents are stored.

  • Regular Maintenance:

  • Regularly clean up stored documents and clear the machine's cache to prevent data build-up.

8. Limit Remote Access

  • Remote Management:

  • If remote management is enabled, ensure it's restricted to authorized users and uses secure communication methods.

  • Disable Unused Services:

  • Disable remote services and protocols that aren't required to reduce potential attack surfaces.

9. Educate Users on Security Practices

  • Training:

  • Ensure users understand the importance of scanning security and follow best practices when handling sensitive documents.

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