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Creating Custom Copier Workflows: How to set up custom workflows for frequent tasks on Sharp copiers.

Custom copier workflows on Sharp copiers allow you to streamline frequent tasks and improve productivity. These workflows automate repetitive processes, saving time and reducing errors. Here's how you can set up custom workflows on Sharp copiers:

Step 1: Identify Frequent Tasks

  • Determine High-Volume Tasks: Identify tasks you perform regularly, such as scanning to email, copying specific document types, or printing certain files.

  • Define Workflow Objectives: Establish what you want to achieve with the custom workflows, like reducing manual input, automating document distribution, or minimizing errors.

Step 2: Access Workflow Settings

  • Go to System Settings: From the main menu, select "Settings" or "System Settings" to access the copier's configuration options.

  • Find Workflow Setup: Look for sections related to document filing, scanning, or printing. On some models, this could be under "Workflow Settings" or "Custom Workflow".

Step 3: Create a Custom Workflow

  • Select a Base Task: Choose the type of workflow you want to create, such as scan-to-email, scan-to-folder, or copy with specific settings.

  • Configure Workflow Settings:

  • Destination: Select where the scanned document will go (email, network folder, USB drive, etc.).

  • File Format: Choose the file format for scanned documents (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.).

  • Quality and Resolution: Set the desired resolution and quality for scanning or copying.

  • Additional Features: Add options like 2-sided scanning, OCR, or file compression.

  • Save the Workflow: Once configured, save the custom workflow with a descriptive name.

Step 4: Assign Quick Access

  • Create Shortcut Keys: In the copier's touch panel, create shortcut keys for your custom workflows to provide quick access for users.

  • Assign to Home Screen: Place the shortcut keys on the home screen for easy navigation and rapid workflow activation.

Step 5: Test the Workflow

  • Run a Test Workflow: Execute the custom workflow to ensure it operates as expected.

  • Verify Output: Check the final output for accuracy and consistency with your expectations.

Step 6: Document the Workflow

  • Write Instructions: Document the custom workflow for future reference and for other users who need to follow it.

  • Train Staff: Ensure relevant staff are trained on how to use the custom workflows.

Additional Tips

  • Role-Based Workflows: Create different workflows based on user roles or departments for more personalized task automation.

  • Integration with Other Tools: Consider integrating your workflows with other tools or software for a more comprehensive solution.

  • Regularly Review Workflows: Periodically review and update your workflows to keep them aligned with current business needs and practices.

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