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Faxing on the Sharp MX 3070 - 6071 Copier

Faxing Basics: Faxing involves sending and receiving documents over telephone lines. The Sharp MX-3070 copier comes equipped with fax functionality that allows you to send and receive faxes directly from the device. Key Features:

  1. Sending Faxes:

    • Load the document you want to fax into the document feeder or on the glass scanner.

    • Access the copier's touch screen interface and select the "Fax" option.

    • Enter the recipient's fax number using the numeric keypad or select a contact from the address book if available.

    • Review the settings, including resolution and send options.

    • Start the fax transmission.

  1. Receiving Faxes:

    • When a fax is incoming, the copier will automatically detect it.

    • The fax will be printed or stored in memory, depending on your settings.

    • You can set up notifications, such as audible alerts or email notifications, for incoming faxes.

Additional Features and Tips:

  • Fax Resolution: Choose the resolution for sending faxes. Higher resolution produces better quality but might increase file size and transmission time.

  • Cover Page: You can include a cover page with your fax that contains a message and sender information.

  • Speed Dial: Save frequently used fax numbers in the copier's speed dial for quick and easy access.

  • Address Book: If your copier has an address book feature, you can store fax numbers and contacts for easy selection.

  • Memory Transmission: If the destination fax is busy or offline, the copier can store the fax in memory and automatically resend it later.

  • Confirmation Reports: You can set the copier to print confirmation reports after successful or unsuccessful fax transmissions.

  • Fax Forwarding: Set up fax forwarding to redirect incoming faxes to another destination, such as email or another fax number.

  • Fax to Email: Some advanced models support fax-to-email functionality, where received faxes are converted to digital format and sent to an email address.

  • Security: Consider enabling security features like secure fax reception to prevent unauthorized access to received faxes.

  • International Dialing: If faxing internationally, make sure to include the appropriate international dialing codes and country/area codes.

  • Paper Size and Type: Ensure that the paper size and type settings match the document you're faxing to avoid misalignment or quality issues.

  • Fax Broadcasting: Send the same fax to multiple recipients using the broadcasting feature.

Remember to consult the user manual for your specific copier model for detailed instructions on setting up and using the fax functionality. If you're new to faxing, practice sending and receiving faxes to become familiar with the process and settings.


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