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How To Name a File Before Scanning on a Sharp Scanner

  1. Access Scanning Mode: Navigate to the scanning mode on the copier's interface.

  2. File Name Entry: Tap the [File Name] text box on the interface.

    • Note: You can enter a file name using up to 30 characters (Page 678).

  1. Enter File Name: Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the desired file name.

  2. Additional Settings: If you have other settings to configure, such as resolution or file format, do so at this time.

  3. Start Scanning: Once you're satisfied with the settings, tap the [Start] key to begin scanning.

Additional Information:

  • If a file name that already exists is specified, a tilde and a serial number are added after the file name, and this file is saved as a different file (Page 678).

  • If the length of the file name exceeds the limit, excess characters will be omitted, and a serial number will be added to the end of the file name (Page 678).

For more details, you can refer to the Sharp MX-3070N User's Manual.


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