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How to Set Up Scan to Network Folders with SMB 3.0 on Sharp MX Copiers

Updated: Apr 29

To set up scanning to shared network folders with SMB 3.0 on Sharp MX Series copiers, you'll need to configure the machine to connect to a network folder using the appropriate credentials. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you set up scanning to a shared folder using SMB 3.0:

Step 1: Prepare the Shared Network Folder

1. Create the Shared Folder:

- On your server or computer, create a folder to receive scanned documents from the Sharp copier.

2. Set Folder Permissions:

- Right-click on the folder, choose "Properties," then go to the "Sharing" tab.

- Click "Share," select the user account(s) that will have access to this folder, and set the permission to "Read/Write" or "Full Control."

- If needed, go to the "Security" tab to ensure permissions are correctly set for users and groups.

3. Note the Shared Folder's Network Path:

- Copy the folder's network path (e.g., `\\servername\sharename`) for use in the copier setup.

Step 2: Configure the Sharp Copier

1. Access System Settings:

- On the copier's control panel, go to "Settings" or "System Settings."

2. Navigate to Scan to Network Folder Setup:

- Find "Scan Settings" or "Network Scanning."

- Look for "Scan to Network Folder," "SMB Scan," or similar options.

3. Add a New Network Folder:

- Select "Add" or "New" to create a new scan destination.

- Enter the following information:

- Name: A descriptive name for the network folder.

- Network Path: The shared folder's network path (e.g., `\\servername\sharename`).

- Username and Password: The credentials for a user with access to the shared folder.

- Ensure the username and password are correct and the password is entered twice to confirm.

4. Test the Connection:

- After entering the network path and credentials, look for a "Test Connection" option.

- Test the connection to ensure the copier can access the shared folder.

5. Save the New Folder Settings:

- Once the connection is successful, save the new folder settings by pressing "OK," "Save," or "Apply."

- The new scan-to-folder destination should now appear in the list of available scan destinations.

Step 3: Test Scanning to the Network Folder

1. Initiate a Scan:

- Place a document in the copier's automatic document feeder (ADF) or on the scanner glass.

- Select the newly created scan-to-network folder destination.

2. Start Scanning:

- Press "Start" or "Scan" to begin scanning.

- After scanning, check the shared network folder to ensure the document has been successfully scanned.

3. Troubleshoot If Needed:

- If scanning fails, double-check the network path and credentials.

- Ensure the network folder is accessible from other devices on the same network.

- Restart the copier and try scanning again.

By following these steps, you should be able to set up scanning to shared network folders with SMB 3.0 on Sharp MX Series machines. If you encounter persistent issues, consult the copier's user manual or contact technical support for further guidance.


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