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Remote Access and Management of Sharp Copiers: A guide to remotely accessing and managing Sharp copiers for troubleshooting and support.

To set up remote access and management of Sharp copiers, a few steps are needed to ensure proper configuration:

  • Preliminary Configuration:

  • In "Settings (administrator)", go to [System Settings] → [Common Settings] → [Operation Settings] → [Condition Settings] → [Remote Operation Settings] → [Remote Software Operation].

  • Enable the [Operational Authority] setting.

  • Ensure the copier is connected to a network.

  • Install a VNC application software (like RealVNC) on your computer.

  • Remote Access Setup:

  • Launch the VNC viewer, enter the IP address of the copier in the "VNC Server" entry box, and click [Connect]. Get the IP address from the copier administrator.

  • Follow the message on the copier's operation panel to allow the connection. A VNC icon will appear on the system bar of the copier's touch panel once connected.

  • If disconnection is required, exit the VNC application software or tap the disconnect icon​​.

  • Additional Remote Access Settings:

  • Operation from Specified PC: This setting allows remote operation of the copier using a specified PC. Enter the host name or IP address of the PC to be connected to the copier.

  • Operation by User who Has Password: This allows users with a password to operate the copier remotely. Consult a service technician for password information​​.


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