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Scanning to Sharp Copier Hard Drive (HDD)

  1. Place the Original: Place the original document face up in the document feeder tray or face down on the document glass (Page 681).

  2. Select Mode: On the copier's interface, tap the mode display to switch to the desired mode. You may see options like "Easy Scan," "HDD File retrieve," etc. (Pages 532, 533).

  3. Scan to HDD: Tap the option that says "Scan to HDD/USB" (Page 681).

  4. Settings: If you have specific settings you'd like to apply (e.g., color, resolution), select them now.

  5. Start Scanning: Tap the [Color Start] or [B/W Start] key to start the scanning process. A beep will indicate that scanning and file storage have ended (Page 681).

Retrieving Scanned Files from Windows and Mac Computers

The manual doesn't provide specific instructions for retrieving scanned files from Windows and Mac computers. However, you can usually access the copier's hard drive through your network, provided that the copier is connected to the same network as your computer.

  1. Network Access: Open a File Explorer window (Windows) or Finder window (Mac) and navigate to the network location of the copier.

  2. Locate Scanned Files: Once you've accessed the copier's hard drive, navigate to the folder where scanned files are stored.

  3. Download: Select the scanned files you wish to retrieve and download them to your computer.

Please note that the exact steps may vary depending on your network setup and the specific configuration of the Sharp MX-3070N copier. You may need to consult the copier's administrative settings or contact technical support for more detailed instructions.

For more details, you can refer to the Sharp MX-3070N User's Manual.


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