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Setting Print Permissions and User Access: Instructions for managing user access to printer functions and setting permissions.

To manage user access and set permissions on Sharp MX copiers, you can follow these steps:

  1. Enable User Authentication

  • Go to "Settings (administrator)" → "System Settings" → "Authentication Settings" → "Default Settings."

  • Enable "User Authentication" to require login for operations.

  1. Configure User Control

  • In "Settings (administrator)", select "User Control."

  • You can add users, assign authority groups, and set permissions.

  • Use "User List" to manage registered users.

  1. Set Permissions and Page Limits

  • Assign specific permissions to each user or group in "User Control."

  • Define page limits or control access to certain features.

  1. Enable Authentication Methods

  • You can set authentication by user number, login name/password, or IC card.

  • Configure IC card authentication in "Settings (administrator)" → "Authentication Settings" → "Default Settings" → "Card Setting" → "Use IC Card for Authentication."

  1. Default Network Authentication Server

  • If using LDAP or Active Directory, set the default network authentication server in "System Settings" → "Network Settings" → "Active Directory Settings."

  1. Print User Information

  • To print user information, go to "User Information Print" in "System Settings."

  • This includes user lists, page usage, and other information.


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