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Setting Up Copier Fax Functions: A step-by-step guide to configuring and using fax features on Sharp copiers.

To configure and use the fax features on Sharp copiers, here is a guide based on the provided manuals:

Setting Up Copier Fax Functions

  1. Connecting to the Telephone Line

  • Insert one end of the telephone line cord into the telephone line jack (LINE) on the machine.

  • Connect the other end to a wall telephone jack. Be sure to use the correct telephone line cord​​.

  1. Ensuring Proper Power

  • Make sure the main power switch is in the "On" position. If the main power indicator is not lit, turn on the main power and press the [POWER] button on the operation panel​​.

  1. Setting the Telephone Line Type

  • The dial mode setting must match your telephone line type. You can set it to auto-select in "Settings (administrator)" > [System Settings] > [Image Send Settings] > [Fax Settings] > [Default Settings] > [Dial Mode Setting].

  • If using a digital line, adjust the send level accordingly​​.

  1. Checking the Date and Time

  • Verify that the correct date and time are set in the copier. Adjust in "Settings" > [System Settings] > [Common Settings] > [Device Control] > [Clock Adjust]​​.

  1. Storing the Sender's Fax Number

  • To store the sender's fax number and name, go to "Settings (administrator)" > [System Settings] > [Image Send Settings] > [Common Settings] > [Own Number and Name Set] > [Sender Data Registration].

  • Enter the sender's name (up to 20 characters) and fax number. You can add pauses or spaces if needed​​.

Configuring Fax Reception Settings

  1. Setting the Number of Calls in Auto Reception

  • Set the number of ringing tones (0 to 15 times) before automatic fax reception starts​​.

  1. 2-Sided Printing of Received Data

  • This setting allows received faxes to be printed on both sides if multiple pages are received​​.

  1. Auto Receive Reduce Setting

  • Enables automatic reduction of the received image to fit the standard size, especially when additional printed information is included​​.

  1. Print Style Setting

  • Determines the paper selection condition for printing received faxes. Select between "Print Actual Size," "Auto Size Select," or "Cut off Enabled/Disabled"​​.

  1. Setting the Telephone Number for Data Forwarding

  • Program a fax number to forward received faxes if printing is not possible due to a problem​​.

  1. Receiving Date & Time Print

  • Enables printing of the date and time of reception​​.


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