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Setting Up Scan-to-FTP with Sharp Copiers and FileZilla

FileZilla is an FTP client used to transfer files between local and remote servers. While you can use FileZilla to access files on a Sharp copier through FTP, it's more common to use the copier's scan-to-FTP function to scan documents directly to an FTP server. If you want to set up a Sharp copier to scan to an FTP server, which you can then access with FileZilla, here's how to do it:

### Step 1: Configure the FTP Server

Ensure that you have an FTP server set up and running. If you're using FileZilla Server or a similar FTP server, do the following:

1. Create an FTP Account:

- Set up a user account on the FTP server with a username and password.

- Assign the appropriate permissions to this user (e.g., read, write, execute).

2. Note the FTP Server Information:

- Record the FTP server's IP address or domain name.

- Note the port number (usually 21 for standard FTP).

3. Assign a Directory for Scanned Files:

- Specify a directory where scanned files will be stored. Ensure the FTP user has access to this directory.

### Step 2: Configure the Sharp Copier for Scan-to-FTP

Next, set up your Sharp copier to scan documents directly to the FTP server:

1. Access System Settings:

- On the copier's control panel, go to "Settings" or "System Settings."

- Find "Scan Settings" or "Scan to FTP."

2. Enter FTP Server Details:

- Enter the FTP server's IP address or domain name.

- Enter the port number (default is 21).

3. Enter FTP User Credentials:

- Provide the username and password for the FTP account created in Step 1.

- Ensure the copier can access the correct directory on the FTP server.

4. Set Additional Parameters:

- You might be able to specify file formats, resolution, color mode, etc.

- Adjust these parameters based on your scanning needs.

5. Test Scan-to-FTP:

- Place a document in the copier's automatic document feeder or on the scanner glass.

- Choose "Scan to FTP" or a similar option.

- Select the FTP server destination and start the scan.

6. Check Filezilla for Scanned Files:

- Open FileZilla and connect to your FTP server using the account information from Step 1.

- Navigate to the directory where scanned files are stored.

- Verify that the scanned document is available in the correct location.

### Step 3: Troubleshooting

If you encounter issues during setup or scanning:

- Check FTP Server Settings:

- Ensure the server is running, and the FTP account has the correct permissions.

- Check Network Connections:

- Ensure the copier and FTP server are on the same network, and there are no firewall restrictions.

- Revisit Copier Configuration:

- Double-check the copier's FTP settings to ensure all information is entered correctly.

By following these steps, you should be able to scan documents to an FTP server with a Sharp copier and access them through FileZilla. If issues persist, consult your copier's user manual or contact technical support for further assistance.


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