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Setup Scan to Network Folders – Windows 11

Step 1: Access Scanning Mode

  • Navigate to the scanning mode on the copier's interface.

Step 2: Choose Destination

  • Tap the key of the server or computer you wish to access. If prompted, enter the appropriate username and password (Page 544).

Step 3: Select Network Folder

  • Tap the key of the network folder you wish to scan to (Page 544).

Step 4: Confirm Settings

  • After the settings are completed, tap the [OK] key. You will return to the initial screen. Tap the [OK] key again to accept the destination (Page 545).

Additional Information:

  • The network scanner allows you to create an image file from the original data scanned by the machine and send the file over a network to a PC, FTP server, or other destinations (Page 525).

  • The scanned file can be sent to a network folder on a Windows PC on the same network as the machine. When the file is sent, it is also possible to send an email to a previously stored email address to inform the recipient of the location of the file (Page 526).

For more details, you can refer to the Sharp MX-3070N User's Manual.


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