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Setup Wireless Networking for printing and scanning on Sharp Copier

Quick Notes

  1. From the copier press the Settings Button from the Home Screen

  2. Press the Network Settings Button (Password = admin)

  3. Under Connection Type select Wireless (Infrasture Mode) from the dropdown

  4. Press the Access Point Search to get the SSID: (May take a minute)

  5. Select the network you want to setup to touch Ok

  6. Scroll down to Security Key: and enter password. Check Show Securtiy Key to confirm

  7. Click Submit and then Reboot Now

  8. To view the new IP address open Settings again - Press the Status Tab

  9. Press the Network Status Button

  10. Scroll down to IPv4 Settings and it will list the IPv4 Address (Ex.

  11. To print the IPv4 Address touch the Status Tab

  12. Press List for User. Under Printer Test Page Check only the NIC Page

  13. Press the Print Button


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