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Sharp MX Copier - Activate Fax Confirmation Page

Updated: Apr 28

To enable the fax confirmation page on a Sharp copier, you can set the machine to print a confirmation page after each fax transmission. Follow these steps to activate this feature:

  1. Open the Settings Menu:

  • On the copier's control panel, press the "Settings" or "System Settings" button.

  1. Navigate to Fax Settings:

  • Scroll through the menu and select "Fax Settings."

  1. Find the Fax Confirmation Option:

  • Look for the "Fax Confirmation" or "Fax Report" option. This setting controls whether a confirmation page is printed after sending a fax.

  1. Enable Fax Confirmation:

  • Select the "On" or "Enable" option to turn on fax confirmation.

  • You might also find options to configure when the confirmation page is printed, such as only on successful transmissions, only on failures, or always.

  1. Save Changes and Exit:

  • After enabling fax confirmation, press the "Save" or "OK" button to save your changes and exit the settings menu.

  1. Test the Fax Confirmation Page:

  • Send a test fax to ensure the confirmation page is printed as expected.

If you're unable to find the fax confirmation setting or need additional guidance, consult your copier's user manual for specific instructions​​.


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