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Sharp MX Copiers - Turn On/Off the Copier

### To Turn On:

1. **Open the Front Panel**: Locate and open the front panel of the copier.

2. **Find the Toggle Button**: Look towards the bottom left inside the front panel.

3. **Toggle Up**: Press the toggle button upwards to initiate the power-up process.

4. **Wait for Initialization**: Allow a few moments for the copier to initialize.

5. **Press the Top-Right Button**: Once the copier has initialized, press the button located on the top right of the copier to make it fully operational.

### To Turn Off:

1. **Press the Top-Right Button**: Start by pressing the button on the top right of the copier to prepare it for shutdown.

2. **Open the Front Panel**: Open the front panel to access the toggle button.

3. **Toggle Down**: Press the toggle button downwards to turn off the machine.

4. **Wait for Shutdown**: Allow a few moments for the copier to completely power down.

Remember to close the front panel securely after you've turned the machine on or off. Always refer to your specific model's user manual for the most accurate instructions.

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