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Steps for Scanning to USB Storage Device:

Updated: Apr 29

  1. Connect the USB Memory Device: Insert your USB storage device into the machine's USB port.

  2. Navigate to Home Screen: On the machine's home screen, tap the [Easy Scan] key.

  3. Select Scan Destination: Tap [Scan to HDD/USB].

  4. Place the Original: Place the original document in the document feeder tray of the automatic document feeder, or on the document glass.

  5. Choose USB as Destination: Tap [Scan to USB].

  6. Auto Set (Optional): If you are using models like MX-3071/MX-3571/MX-4071, or if the OCR expansion kit is installed on your machine, you can tap the [Auto Set] key to automatically set the read settings to match the original.

  7. Select Settings: To select specific scan settings, tap the key of each desired setting.

  8. Start Scanning: Tap the [Color Start] or [B/W Start] key to start the scanning process.

  9. Completion: A beep will sound to indicate that scanning and file storage have ended.

  10. Remove USB: Check the [Sending data has been completed.] message, and then remove the USB memory device from the machine.

For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the official user manual.


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