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Ten fixes a customer can perform on their Sharp MX copiers

Here is the complete list of ten fixes a customer can perform on their Sharp MX copiers to address common issues without making a service call:

1. Paper Jams:

- Open the copier's compartments and carefully remove any jammed paper. Ensure no small pieces are left behind to prevent future jams.

2. Add Paper Errors:

- Ensure all paper trays are filled correctly and not overfilled. Check the paper alignment within the tray's guides and adjust as needed.

3. Incorrect Paper Size or Type:

- Adjust the copier's settings to match the paper size and type in the trays. Check that specialty papers (like envelopes or labels) are in the correct tray.

4. Resetting the Copier:

- Turn off the copier, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on to clear minor errors or glitches.

5. Check Ink/Toner Levels:

- Verify that the copier has enough ink or toner. Replace any depleted cartridges.

6. Clean the Copier's Glass and Sensors:

- Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the copier's glass surface and sensors. This can improve scanning and copying quality.

7. Reboot Network Connections:

- If the copier is networked, ensure the connection is stable. Restart the copier and network equipment to resolve connectivity issues.

8. Adjust Image Quality Settings:

- If prints are too light or dark, adjust the image quality settings. Restoring default settings can help resolve quality-related issues.

9. Resolve Print Job Backups:

- Use the "Job Status" screen to cancel or delete stuck print jobs. Resubmit the job after resolving any errors, such as paper size mismatch.

10. Adjust Print Job Settings:

- If the copier isn't printing properly, verify the print job settings on your computer or the copier's control panel. Check the selected tray, paper size, paper type, and duplex printing options to ensure they're correct.

By following these ten steps, customers can resolve a range of issues commonly encountered with Sharp MX copiers without needing professional assistance. If problems persist after trying these fixes, it may be time to contact a service technician.


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