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Troubleshooting Scan-to-Email Errors: Common issues and solutions for email-related scanning errors, including SMTP settings and authentication.

To troubleshoot Scan-to-Email errors with the Sharp MX-Copiers, you can consider the following common issues and solutions:

SMTP Settings and Configuration

  1. Incorrect SMTP Server Settings:

  • Check the SMTP server address, port number, and security settings (SSL/TLS). Incorrect settings can cause connection issues​​.

  1. Authentication Errors:

  • Verify the SMTP authentication settings. Ensure the correct username and password are entered​​.

  1. Connection Timeout:

  • If the connection times out, increase the SMTP timeout setting in the SMTP configuration section​​.

  1. SSL/TLS Issues:

  • If SSL or TLS is enabled, ensure that the server supports it and is properly configured. Double-check the port number, as some servers use specific ports for SSL/TLS​​.

Scan-to-Email Operational Errors

  1. Large Attachments:

  • If the file size is too large, the email server may reject it. Consider using a smaller resolution or reducing the number of scanned pages​​.

  1. Connection Test:

  • Use the "Connection Test" function in the SMTP settings to ensure the machine can connect to the SMTP server​​.

  1. Network Connectivity:

  • Check the network connection. If the machine uses DHCP, ensure it has a valid IP address and correct DNS settings​​.

Address and Permissions

  1. Email Address Errors:

  • Verify that the email address used for Scan-to-Email is correct. If the address is invalid, it could cause errors​​.

  1. User Permissions:

  • Ensure that the user has the necessary permissions to use the Scan-to-Email function. If user authentication is enabled, confirm that the user has access rights​​.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

  • Resending Errors:

  • If you need to resend a transmission, check the email logs for error messages to understand why the initial attempt failed​​.

  • POP Before SMTP:

  • If using "POP before SMTP," verify the POP3 server settings, port number, and authentication method​​.

If these steps don't resolve your issues, you might need to contact your network administrator or email service provider to check for any additional configurations or restrictions on the email server.


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