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Scan to Network Folder

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Steps for Scan to Folder from Video

  1. Create Folder (Scans) on Desktop

  2. Right click on folder and go to Properties

  3. Click Sharing Tab and open Share...

  4. Select Everyone on Drop down Change Permission Level to Read/Write - Click Share

  5. Open Advance Sharing - Click Share this folder

  6. Click Permission and Click Allow for Full Control, Change, and Read (Click Apply-Ok)

  7. Copy Network Path: (Will use later)

  8. Close Folder

  9. From a browser Open up the webpage of the copier using copier's IP address

  10. Left side open address book

  11. Click Add(Y) Then Add Network Folder

  12. Under Address Name (Required) Name Folder (Scans)

  13. Check Box Register this Address... and Check Box Set as Default used

  14. Under Network Folder Path (Required) Paste Path that was copied earlier

  15. Under User Name and Password: Input Name and Password to log into computer

  16. Click Submit

  17. Test Scan on Copier Under address book for Network Folder

  18. If you don't get an error message check the Scan Folder to see the document

  19. Troubleshoot steps if scan did not go through

  20. On computer open Control Panel - Programs - Turn Windows features on or off

  21. Open + SMB (Check all SMB Boxs) Click Ok and Reboot Computer and Test Scan

  22. Also may be Window Firewall Under Advance Settings Inbound Rules

  23. File and Printer Sharing (NB-Name-In) / (SMB-In) Local Port 137,139,445

  24. Above need to be Enabled (Right Click on Each to Enable)

Updated windows need to enable SMB under Programs and Features


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